Bunbury Tree Surgeons


Residential Pruning

Providing appropriate care and treatment is important. Residential tree pruning is highly recommended and a vital aspect of securing and protecting your home from falling branches, also ensure the health and longevity of the tree. Without proper pruning, the trees will have poor health or structure and can cause serious damage.

Commercial Pruning

Bunbury Tree Surgeons are pleased to offer you commercial pruning where your trees will be professionally maintained to keep their natural structure and beauty, and improve your brand image. Their Arborists is skilled and professionally trained to deliver expert consultation and detailed attention to the needs of your tree whether they need pruning or trimming.

Stump Grinding

After the damaged tree has been carefully removed, it’s up to you to decide if you would like the tree stump to be removed without digging them out. Stump grinding gives you a fresh start for landscapes or a tidy garden using stump grinders generally used by professionals like Bunbury Arborists.

Hedge trimming

Removing unnecessary hedges is important and was known to be art for landscapes! Bunbury Tree Surgeons will trim the hedges or shrubs and turn them into various shapes for stunning landscapes. Hedges can also serve as a wall or a boundary for your house or yard and provide a sense of privacy.

Storm Clean up

Bunbury Tree Surgeon’s affordable full storm clean up service for you and for damaged trees. We cannot avoid the natural disasters that are happening in the world, including storms. The effects of storms are devastating when we are not prepared, and sometimes no matter what preparation we do we cannot avoid the damage we can get from fallen trees, branches, or debris.

Fire Hazard Reduction

Whether you own a few acres of forested land, preparing or planning for fire hazard reduction is a good start, but fire is dangerous. Bunbury Tree Surgeons can help you reduce the possibility of a fire hazard. They will offer different types of services regarding tree care solutions such as pruning, trimming, or lopping of dead trees where branches are removed carefully.

Power Line Clearing

Bunbury’s power line clearing services help prevent the risk of trees and branches getting into contact with electric lines and they can provide efficient service while they protect people and property. They can manage the job safely with their expertise and high quality equipment that can safely finish tree pruning or removal.

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