Bunbury Tree Surgeons

Bunbury Tree Surgeons are local professional and well trained arborists who specialise in any aspect of arboriculture to help you with any tree work you request. Our professionals are skilled enough to understand the needs of your so that they may have a long and stable life. We don’t just climb up and cut the trees, Bunbury Arborists have gone through years of preparation and on the job training to be able to maintain, trim and prune trees.
Pruning a tree has several advantages. Pruning can help preserve the tree’s structure, reducing the chance of broken limbs and falling branches while also ensuring the tree’s health and lifespan. If you don’t trim your trees on a regular basis, they will suffer from poor health and structure, which can result in catastrophic harm.
Consulting with the tree surgeon and setting up a plan for tree health care services will help determine whether or not the tree should be removed, maintained or what kind of tree care is best for the individual tree.
Our tree care solutions include tree pruning, tree cutting, tree lopping, emergency tree removal, and tree mulching and chipping. Bunbury Tree Surgeons and Arborists can help you create a tree health care plan to identify whether the tree should be maintained or removed.
One of our aims is to recycle any job related waste while also eliminating any clutter from your property. We also offer tree mulching and chipping services to produce fine grained wood chip mulch using a high quality machine. Rather than dumping it away, we will be able to recycle it and improve Mother Nature’s condition.
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