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Powerline Clearing - Your Licensed Tree Trimming Services

Are you bothered by your powerline hanging from a tree? Or worried about problems that could possibly arise if they are not resolved immediately?
Possibly your answer is YES!
One of the causes of power interruptions or conducts a short circuit are trees. Since it’s very dangerous if your live wires are stuck in the tree, powerline work is also extremely dangerous so that you really need professional assistance.

Bunbury’s power line clearing services help prevent the risk of trees and branches getting into contact with electric lines and they can provide efficient service while they protect people and property. They can manage the job safely with their expertise and high quality equipment that can safely finish tree pruning or removal. Once the work is done, they will leave your property clean and tidy.

When does a tree need a trim?

As the tree reach a certain proximity to the line, the trees must be trimmed or pruned and kept at 1.5 m from the powerlines, but for a higher voltage powerline the required clearance must be maintained at 3 m. As a homeowner, to ensure a secure and safe area, it’s your responsibility to prevent any hazards from your trees, it is your duty to check or maintain the distance of your trees from the powerlines.

Looking for a line clearing near me? Or do you want to acquire this kind of service or other tree services, just call Bunbury Tree Surgeons or go to our contact page. Your trees will be handled safely and effectively without damaging any of your powerlines or cables.

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